Dharma Primary School

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MusicDharma Primary Music

Music is taught by a specialist music teacher across the Key Stages from reception to Year 6.

Mindfulness and music go hand in hand when developing the skills of:

  • a practice routine,
  • gaining self confidence, 
  • an increased awareness of the body,
  • unlocking creativity.

The aim is to encourage children to develop these skills in all aspects of music-making and listening.

Emphasis is always on practical experience and having fun, with the basics of music theory being introduced at the later stages of Key Stage 2.

The elements of rhythm, tempo and pulse form the cornerstone of all musical activities and the style of teaching integrates these skills together. Through singing, playing tuned and untuned percussion we explore different styles of music and cover the skills of performing, improvisation, listening and appraising music.


Children in reception and Year 1 explore their voices, learning many different styles of song with actions, pictures and incorporating the children’s own ideas. They experiment with untuned percussion, developing a strong sense of rhythm and a musical ear.

Building on these skills, in Years 2-4 children learn to play the Ocarina, improving their dexterity and aural skills, as well as the discipline of playing as part of an ensemble.

In Years 5 and 6 children develop more complex skills such as singing in a round, and part songs, and harmonies. They have the chance to learn tuned instruments, including keyboards, guitars or ukulele to learn to play songs in a group. Previous projects include a day in a professional  studio recording a track with all the children playing and singing.

The school Samba band is a fantastic opportunity for all children and parents/carers to take part in the Brighton Festival Children’s parade. Regular workshops are organised in the run up to the event and these are enjoyed by many in the wider school community.