Random Acts of Kindness week

9 – 15 February 2015


As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, we’re supporting Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week, a global event that invites people worldwide to step out of their normal routines or comfort zones and attempt random acts of kindness. As a school rooted in Buddhist principles, the practice of loving kindness is a core part of our ethos and we feel that sharing this practice globally in support of RAK Week is an inspired way to celebrate our 20th school year.

Dharma RAK 20

Carry out a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) using our special ‘kindness’ cards, invite someone else to do the same, and help us celebrate our 20th Anniversary!

Dharma RAK 20 card for social media 2

The Dharma Primary School is launching its own special project for RAK Week – Dharma RAK 20. We’ve printed 200 ‘kindness’ cards (each individually numbered) which we will be distributing across the school community, Brighton and beyond! We hope each card will generate at least 20 random acts of kindness, helping us to celebrate our school’s 20thAnniversary.

You can pick up a card from the school office and/or use this online version which has been posted to our Twitterand Facebook accounts and can be shared via social media worldwide!

How it works

We invite you to carry out a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) today, then pass the card on and ask someone else to do the same! Pass the actual card on in person (if you’ve picked one up from school), or photograph it (including its unique number stamp) and tweet it or Facebook it to someone else. (Or you can use the online card we’ve created and posted on Twitter and Facebook). Please remember to tag your posts with #DharmaRAK20 and your card number/photo to tell us about your RAK experience and help us keep track of the kindness trail! You can also email in your RAK activities to sturner@dharmaschool.co.uk and we will post them in our RAK updates via our blog,Facebook and Twitter.

Kindness boomerang - Cool to be kind poster

You can pass the card on to the person you offer your random act of kindness to (either in person or via social media) inviting them to share it in the same way. Or if your gesture of kindness is not aimed at anyone in particular (perhaps you’re picking up litter from the beach or giving your dog a pampering session!) you can pass the card on to a friend or family member. You might also consider tweeting your card to a celebrity or high profile person, to encourage them to take part and support RAK Week and our school. Once you’ve passed on your card there’s no need to stop there – why not attempt a random act of kindness every day of RAK Week, or make loving kindness a way of life and become a RAKtivist! The Dharma Primary School is now signed up as an offical ‘RAKtivist’ organisation, but you can also join as an individual.

 What will you choose as your Random Act(s) of Kindness?

You might plan your RAK in advance, or be spontaneous – pay a colleague a compliment, help an older person to carry their shopping, or offer to buy them a coffee. Perhaps you’ll help a family member or friend with a domestic task, or support the wider community by picking up litter, donating to charity, or taking part in conservation work. There are all sorts of ways you can get involved, visit www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas for inspiration.